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    Rules of forum and in-game

    Post by Tonz on Sat May 02, 2009 8:40 am

    [Forum Rules]

    1.No Flaming
    Posts considered as flaming includes extremely large font sizes, sarcasm, and the like.

    2. Posting Adult Material on Board
    This is not allowed.No movies, avatars, signatures and pictures in your posts should depict any adult related content. By adult related content, we include pornography, nudity but not restricted to only these. This is strictly not allowed.

    3. No Spamming
    Spamming is repeatedly posting the same topic in different section of the Ran boards, in the hopes that the message will be seen by all.

    4. no Advertisement of other Private Servers!
    Avoid Advertising Other Private Server by posting their web address or pm to other players in Ran

    [In-Game Rules]

    1. Respect the GMs.
    Penalty: 1 week BAN

    2. Respect every Players In-Game.
    Penalty: 1 week BAN

    3. Do not ask to be a member of RanStaff.
    Penalty: 1 day Chatblock

    4. No Botting!!!
    Penalty: Ban Forever/IP Ban

    5. Do not SCAM any players In-Game by any means.
    Penalty: Ban Forever

    6. Kill Stealing (KSing) is not permitted.
    Penalty: 1 Day BAN

    7. Do not impersonate a GM.
    Penalty: Ban Forever/IP BAN

    8. Hacking the server in any ways or by unwanted programs will be severely punished.
    Penalty: Ban Forever/IP BAN

    9. DO NOT give your password to anyone not even GMs!

    10. No LOST/SCAMMED/HACKED items will be given back by the Staff.

    If you found any players disobeying the said rules, please get a screenshot and post it here in the forums or if a GM is online don't hesitate to PM us...

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